Aims and Objectives

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Aims and Objectives

The aim of the school is to provide total education for the children, to achieve this, the school has the following objectives:
•    To provide a conducive and an uninterrupted atmosphere for learning
•    To prepare students for higher and further education
•    To inculcate in them purposeful leadership qualities with emphasis on discipline, tolerance peaceful co-existence and high moral standards



  • To give students an opportunity to attend a world-class school with minimum financial involvement inorder to attain best height in any country.
  • To ensure our students can favourably compete with any student anywhere.


  • To remain a leading school based on the motto "determination that breeds success" thereby impacting qualitative, academic and moral excellence resulting to total human development.
  • To establish a school that will not be crippled by political upheaval, manipulation, incessant strike or examination malpractice but one reputed for diligence, honesty, integrity and the fear of God.
  • To groom students for further studies that will make their future ambition a reality.