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itadel International College Ikare Akoko opened on 17th October, 1994 at the Temporary site in Ugbe Akoko. Learning activities took off with Mrs. T.A. Oni as the 1st Principal & Leader of 11 Teaching and non-teaching staff and 67 students.

The school later moved to its present and permanent site on 21th April, 1996

How it all started?


The aftermath of the 1993 social political upheavals, incessant work to rule and prolonged strikes by school teachers with the crippled national economy have unveiled the ugly trend in the educational sector thus delving a severe blow to the fragile frame of education development in Nigeria at all levels

The resultant effect is that, our children, leaders of tomorrow, who should be academically and morally sound are at the receiving end of the crisis. This sad state of affairs, instead of discouraging us, fired the noble idea of entrenching an endurable educational legacy to our children that will measure up to the social-cultural, scientific and technological changes, the world over.

It was this background knowledge in line with the resolve to do "something" no matter how little to assist the public and the government to salvage the situation that brought a group of families, Dr & Mrs. Oni, Dr. & Mrs. Funmilayo and Dr. & Mrs. Oke who frequently prayed together to establish on 12th August, 1994 CITADEL INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE with the Motto: (with the spirit of God) "Determination Breeds Success"

The school formally opened for academic activities on 17th October, 1994