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Welcome back and congratulations on starting a new academic year. 1. You have the power to influence the lives of your students positively. 2. The impact you make on your students will ripple through their entire lives. Therefore, be ready to give your best. 3. Remember that every child is unique, and it's your job as a teacher to recognize and help them reach their full potential. 4. Your dedication to teaching will have a lasting impact on your students, even beyond the classroom. So, do not take your role for granted. 5. Believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference. You already have what it takes to be a great teacher. 6. Your hard work and dedication will pay off in the long run. Do not give up, even when challenges arise. 7. The future belongs to the children that you are teaching. Needless to say, your role is vital, and your impact is priceless. 8. Keep your focus on the positive outcomes that you want to achieve, and stay motivated. Your students are counting on you. 9. Remember that every day is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your students. Use that opportunity wisely. 10. Together we can create a better future, and it starts with what you do in the classroom. So, let’s continue to inspire and motivate each other. Owatimehin O (VP I)


RESUMPTION TIPS FOR THE PARENTS 1. Ensuring their children are physically healthy: Parents should ensure that their children are healthy before school resumes. Ensure they have regular check-ups and medical attention if necessary, vaccinations up to date, etc. 2. Preparing school supplies: Parents should prepare school supplies such as uniforms, textbooks, exercise books, stationery, and other requirements the child may need. 3. Helping them revise their studies: Encouraging children to revise their studies before school resumes would help ensure that their memory is refreshed. 4. Establishing a daily routine: Before school resumes, parents should establish a daily routine for their children, like ensuring they have adequate sleep, exercise, and rest time. 5. Giving the children a positive mindset: Parents must instill a positive mindset in their children, such as how to cope with challenges, peer pressure, and academic demands. 6. Encouraging extracurricular activities: Encouraging children to participate in extracurricular activities like sports, music lessons would help to make their learning experience more wholesome. 7. Being aware of school events: Parents should be aware of school events, such as parent-teacher association meetings or open-house events, and attend them. 8. Communicating with Teachers: Parents should communicate and build a relationship with their children's teachers to know their child's progress, character, and questions about their child's performance. 9. Providing Emotional support: Parents should provide Emotional support for their children, understanding that the resumption of school can trigger anxiety and stress. 10. Making Safety Plans: During School resumption, parents may have to make safety plans by creating walking routes with their children, informing emergency contacts, safety tips for public transportation, etc.


Citadel International College offer provisional or supplementary admission and is based on credible performance in a competitive entrance examination and interview Admissions is Open!!! To obtain the form pay the sum of N2500:00 to any of the listed bank below and download the application form online. Fill the downloaded application form and bring the filled copy with your bank teller on the day of the exam. Your entrance to the exam venue is your original bank slip you use for the payment and the filled copy of your form Examination Date: 08/07/2023 Venue: Citadel International College, Ikare-Akoko Time: 9:00am Lists of the Banks and their details Account Name: Citadel International College, Ikare-Akoko First Bank - 3034620442 Skye Bank - 1140001534 Keystone Bank - 1490223777 Eco Bank - 5761000897 Wema Bank - 0227341650