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RESUMPTION TIPS FOR THE PARENTS 1. Ensuring their children are physically healthy: Parents should ensure that their children are healthy before school resumes. Ensure they have regular check-ups and medical attention if necessary, vaccinations up to date, etc. 2. Preparing school supplies: Parents should prepare school supplies such as uniforms, textbooks, exercise books, stationery, and other requirements the child may need. 3. Helping them revise their studies: Encouraging children to revise their studies before school resumes would help ensure that their memory is refreshed. 4. Establishing a daily routine: Before school resumes, parents should establish a daily routine for their children, like ensuring they have adequate sleep, exercise, and rest time. 5. Giving the children a positive mindset: Parents must instill a positive mindset in their children, such as how to cope with challenges, peer pressure, and academic demands. 6. Encouraging extracurricular activities: Encouraging children to participate in extracurricular activities like sports, music lessons would help to make their learning experience more wholesome. 7. Being aware of school events: Parents should be aware of school events, such as parent-teacher association meetings or open-house events, and attend them. 8. Communicating with Teachers: Parents should communicate and build a relationship with their children's teachers to know their child's progress, character, and questions about their child's performance. 9. Providing Emotional support: Parents should provide Emotional support for their children, understanding that the resumption of school can trigger anxiety and stress. 10. Making Safety Plans: During School resumption, parents may have to make safety plans by creating walking routes with their children, informing emergency contacts, safety tips for public transportation, etc.
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